I’m back from my job-related

I’m back from my job-related travels and should be able to start weighing in again. This post may constitute piling on, but I was appalled by Trent Lott’s statement of preference for Strom Thurmond in the 1948 election. The notion that Thurmond, running as an out-an-out segregationist, was preferable to Harry Truman and Tom Dewey is as preposterous as it is offensive. Moreover, after reading the comments, I cannot see how they could have been made in jest. Arguably, Lott’s comments, standing alone, are sufficient reason for him to be replaced as Senate Majority Leader. And this is not the first time Lott was made an embarrassing utterance since November, although the others are not in the same league. When one also takes into account that Lott was not a particularly effective majority leader the last time, the case for replacing him becomes compelling, in my view. I recall that, as early as 1995, conservative insiders on Capitol Hill whose views I respect were disappointed with Lott and much preferred Don Nickles. Perhaps the Republicans can, simultaneously, do the right thing, repair the damage done to the Party’s reputation, and improve the quality of the leadership — all by having Lott step aside.


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