Picking up where Deacon left

Picking up where Deacon left off last night, Terry Eastland has a column on the Michigan cases in this morning’s Washington Times. Eastland is the publisher of the Weekly Standard and the author of Ending Affirmative Action, an excellent book on the subject. His column is “Affirmative distraction collision.”
The great Thomas Sowell also has a wonderful column on socialism that my kids’ teachers would benefit from reading: “Socialism is a wonderful idea. It is only as a reality that it has been disastrous.” The column discusses Joshua Muravchik’s history of socialism, Heaven on Earth, a book I will now have to put on my reading list. Sowell’s column is “Disastrous Utopia.”
Helle Dale of the Heritage Foundations also has an excellent column on the Iraq weapons report: “Snow job in the desert.” The column has information that I had not noticed elsewhere. According to Saddam Hussein’s crew, their huge inventory of chemical and biological weapons has been destroyed, along with all evidence documenting the destruction.


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