The Claremont Institute has posted

The Claremont Institute has posted our response to Mayor Rybak and Chief Olson’s Pioneer Press column regarding “The Silence of the Liberals.” Our response is posted as “Time for Regime Change in Minneapolis.” On a separate page the institute has also posted links to all the related pieces, including “The Silence of the Liberals,” Kathy Thurber’s Dec. 4 Star Tribune column, and the Rybak/Olson columns responding to us and to Thurber: “Firestorm in Minneapolis.” We want to express our sincere gratitude to the Claremont Institute and the institute’s Glenn Ellmers and Kevin Walker for the efforts they devoted in presenting all these items via the institute’s Web page.
We anticipate that “Time for Regime Change in Minneapolis” will also be published on David Horowitz’s excellent Web site, Frontpagemag, in the next few days. We will perform the usual double dip when the piece appears there. Stay tuned!


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