Michelle Malkin is incisive as

Michelle Malkin is incisive as usual in dissecting the Trent Lott saga: her column “Vacant Lott” is a must-read. I think she has Lott nailed precisely:
“My fellow conservatives, if you weren’t already convinced that the Mississippi senator was a gutless, ineffective, self-preservationist sap before his remarks at Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party last week, this pandering to the race Mafiosi in the aftermath of his comments seals the deal.”
The real danger is that Lott will give away the store to buy off the race-hustlers (i.e., Democrats):
“In interviews with Sean Hannity and Larry King, Lott cravenly pledged support for ‘community renewal’ (more minority set-asides); said he would ‘put more money into education so no child is left behind’ (more federal spending for failed urban programs); and boasted of his ‘African-American interns’ and appointments (more racial preferences).”
Michelle is, I hope, too hard on the Administration, but I think she is right about Lott.


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