Minneapolis continues the preproduction work

Minneapolis continues the preproduction work on its theater of the absurd federal mediation involving the Minneapolis police and its alleged brutality. Today’s installment is “Minneapolis police mediation panel should stay as is, expert says.” One of the Star Tribune’s several liberal columnists also weighs in with his own utterly predictable contribution, “Like a comedy bit minus the comedy.” Grow thinks the problem is that Minneapolis’s most notorious race hustler has not yet been cut in on the action.
Latecomers to the predproduction might want to catch up with a few previous stories: “Police-community mediation talks to begin this week in Minneapolis,” “Talks on police relations delayed a week,” “NAACP demands city fire cops involved in struggle with man who died,” and “Federal mediation with police and community up in air.” None of the stories contains a fact making out police wrongdoing, and none contains a statement by anyone supporting the officers. The chief”s contribution has been limited to demanding the inclusion of local representatives of the Urban League and the NAACP.