Here is Patty Murray’s attempt

Here is Patty Murray’s attempt to respond to the controversy over her weird bin Laden/day care speech at a Washington high school yesterday. It is pretty pathetic; it makes no reference to her speech, and therefore would be incomprehensible to anyone who didn’t know the story. And it concludes with a swipe at someone, but it is impossible to say who, or what it has to do with her mind-boggling misunderstanding of Islamofascism: “While there are some on the extreme fringes of society who try to exploit fear and uncertainty for political gain, there are many more who understand that the best value of our democracy is the freedom to think and to secure a better future.” I guess what she means is that she is just another non-extreme bin Laden admirer, working away to secure a better future. This scandal deserves to have legs; it will be interesting to see whether or not it does.


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