The Seattle Times (via Best

The Seattle Times (via Best of the Web) reports that Patty Murray is taking some (but nowhere near enough) heat for her comments in a Washington high school praising Osama bin Laden for building schools, roads and day care facilities–the last of which is particularly astonishing. Murray isn’t really backing off; she says that her remarks were “off the cuff,” but hasn’t disavowed them. Instead, she has criticized what she calls a “right wing media frenzy,” apparently referring to the fact that her speech was disclosed by the Drudge Report and has been criticized by conservatives on the internet and elsewhere: “What is important is that we have to have thoughtful debates and discussions in this country and raise questions and answer them without being pulled into some right-wing media frenzy. That is truly frightening to me.” So bin Laden is just another humanitarian, but the Drudge Report is “truly frightening.” And suggesting that bin Laden’s alleged popularity is due to his funding of day care facilities constitutes “thoughtful debate and discussion.” A good snapshot of contemporary leftist attitudes.


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