The Washington Times headline says

The Washington Times headline says “France Said Ready to Assist U.S. in Iraq Invasion,” but the story is actually more encouraging than that. “Dozens of countries,” including virtually all of the NATO nations, are lining up to lend support to a possible war in Iraq, according to an unidentified Administration spokesman. Other news reports indicate that the 101st Airborne, 82nd Airborne and 10th Mountain Divisions are all on their way to the Middle East, along with the 1st Cavalry and various special forces units (in addition, of course, to major elements of the Army’s V Corps, including the 1st Infantry Division, which are already in Kuwait, along with special forces already in place in Iraq and surrounding areas). These are among the most storied units in our armed forces; presumably the Administration constantly releases reports on our progress in assembling both arms and allies partly in the hope that Iraqis will be frightened into deposing Saddam, thereby saving us the trouble.


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