The Washington Post, on an

The Washington Post, on an intriguing power struggle/legal issue in Salt Lake City. The Mormon Church purchased a block of Main Street from Salt Lake City, but the City retained an easement permitting public access to the block. Under the terms of the easement, freedom of speech on the block is severely limited. The United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit ruled that the City could not permit the Church to limit First Amendment rights on a block that remained a public passage. The Church and the City are now renegotiating. According to the Post, it looks like the City will give up its easement in exchange for Church real estate on the other side of town.
A reader called this case to our attention a few months ago. I asked our man in Utah, the Rocket Prof, for some background. He responded with a characteristically thoughtful analysis plus links to the Tenth Circuit’s decision and other relevant material. I concluded that the legal issue deserved more thought than I had time to give it, but I hope to give it the necessary attention, and post whatever I come up with, during the coming holiday week.


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