Merry Christmas to all. I

Merry Christmas to all. I hope Santa was good to our readers.
This morning’s Minneapolis Star Tribune features a story titled “Antiwar Voices Rapidly Becoming a Chorus” on the allegedly-burgeoning anti-Iraq war movement. No doubt similar stories are appearing in metropolitan dailies everywhere. This article isn’t too bad–it at least acknowledges the existence of a contrary view–but there are two questions that these antiwar protesters are never asked. The first–since this is exactly the same crew who opposed the liberation of Afghanistan–is, now that Afghanistan has been liberated, with generally happy results, have you rethought your opposition to that conflict? The second is, where were you during Kosovo and Somalia? The truth is that most of these people are not so much anti-American as they are anti-Republican. As long as we have a Republican President, they will never support anything he does. And, so long as we have a Democratic press, they will never be called to account for their errors and their inconsistencies.


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