Rabbi Aryeh Spero, in the

Rabbi Aryeh Spero, in the Washingotn Times provides an important commentary on the ACLU’s deplorable attacks on Christmas. As a Jew, I am saddened by the disapperance of the public symbols of Christmas from the civic landscape. I have long regretted that American Christians, having created such a tolerant welcoming society for those of other faiths, are, perhaps as an indirect result, deprived of a whole-hearted public celebration of their most holy day. This may not be much of a constitutional argument, but it is how I feel.
Rabbi Spero notes that those most at war with public expression of Christian imagery are in the forefront of demanding public expression and acknowledgement, especially in the public schools, of Islamic symbols and rituals. Spero concludes with this sagacious observation: “One senses the push for things Islamic by those otherwise fighting Christian symbols is because they know the essence of America depends on specific linkage to the Judeo-Christian ethic and, for whatever warped reason, the toppling of traditional Americana is the goal.”


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