One of our reader’s, Casey

One of our reader’s, Casey Abell, makes the insightful point that Patty Murray could become a victim of what the Weekly Standard calls the “liberal cocoon.” Mr. Abell suggests that Murray “may well mistake the mainstream media’s acceptance of her moronic remarks for the voice of the voters.” If so, she may continue to make “idiotic and repulsive remarks in the future.” Thus, “if the Republicans put up a strong candidate against her (the Speaker-slaying George Nethercutt is supposedly interested in a 2004 run) she could get delayed but effective feedback at the ballot box.” Comparing Murray’s situation to that of Trent Lott, Mr. Abell concludes, “better to take some lumps from the media than a big shellacking from the voters.” Personally, I suspect that even Murray will appreciate the need to be careful in the future, but I think the “cocoon” effect may prevent her from realizing that she needs to compensate, if not atone, for her remarks. Thus, a shellacking may, indeed, be in Senator Murray’s future. Let’s hope so, anyway.


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