Good Lord, that is one

Good Lord, that is one of the most astonishing quotes I’ve ever read! The color of your skin determines where you live, where you go to work, and whom you work with?? Since when? And this woman is President of the University of Michigan. Sometimes I think that academics have collectively taken leave of their senses. How you can be a president of a major university, while exhibiting such a stunning level of ignorance, is beyond me.
Here is one possible explanation for Ms. Coleman’s disconnection from reality: perhaps she imagines that the outside world mirrors the world of the university. Within many universities, it is likely true that the color of one’s skin can determine where one lives (e.g., a dormitory set aside for blacks) and the people with whom one associates (e.g., black tables in cafeterias). This is due to the regrettable self-segregation that black university students often engage in. But if Ms. Coleman thinks that the rest of the country is as race-obsessed as its universities, she needs to get out more.


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