Our friends at RealClearPolitics are

Our friends at RealClearPolitics are taking the day off, so we’re a little hamstrung in looking for today’s best columns. However, the Washington Post has a formidable lineup this morning. Michael Kelly’s prospective look at 2003 is outstanding–the future as it ought to be: “2003, through the looking glass.”
George Will’s column seems to give voice to Deacon’s pessimism: “Happy (pestilent) New Year.” And on a similar theme, Anne Applebaum uses the latest James Bond film as her opening to an exceptionally clear-eyed look at the North Korea situation: “007 in the DMZ.”
One hundred and forty years ago today, our hero Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. In a class by itself among this morning’s columns is Allan Guelzo’s tribute: “Seven-score years ago.”


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