I can’t link to it,

I can’t link to it, but the Wall Street Journal has an excellent editorial today about White House fears over the politics of the two Supreme Court cases regarding the University of Michigan’s race-based admissions policies. Rumor has it that White House counsel Alberto Gonzalez is afraid that if the Admnistration comes down against racial quotas, he won’t get smooth Senate passage if he is nominated to the Supreme Court. But the Journal believes that the Michigan cases present to Gonzalez “precisely a test of whether he is worthy of the High Court.” It notes that “the pressure to conform to Washington political mores is an underappreciated aspect of life on the Supreme Court. If Mr. Gonzalez can’t resist this liberal pressure on such a core issue as racial quotas, what will happen if he gets to the Supreme Court?” If, in fact, Gonzalez is really advocating that the Administration keep silent in cases as momentous as these, then, regardless of his motive, he has already proven that he is unworthy of the High Court, in my view.


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