If Michelle Malkin were a

If Michelle Malkin were a liberal columnist writing for the New York Times, she would be widely celebrated as a prodigy. She might have been featured on the cover of Time magazine’s yearend issue, and she might well have already snared the Pulitzer Prize for journalism. In the past few years no columnist (except perhaps for Joel Mowbray of Natinal Review Online) has broken more bombshell stories than she has.
She is picking up in 2003 right where she left off in 2002. The question before the house today is “Who is Kelvin Rodriguez?” Michelle has the answer, and it’s not pretty: “Who’s watching the White House?” Don’t miss this column.
The rest of today’s best columns also come courtesy of TownHall: Thomas Sowell’s “Dangers Ahead–from the left,” Charles Krauthammer’s “Is it a crisis or not?,” and Bruce Bartlett’s “Bless the blogs.”
Also worth reading is David Horowitz’s “While liberals whine about conservative media,” although someone forgot to break the piece into paragraphs.


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