It’s a slow news day–a

It’s a slow news day–a good time for reading new blogs. If you’re not already familiar with it (or even if you are), you should check out Little Green Footballs, one of the best. We are especially fond of LGF because it was one of the first blogs to link to Power Line when we were starting out. Among other things, LGF has just awarded its first annual “Fiskie” award to the Idiotarian of the Year. This year’s winner: Jimmy Carter.
LGF has also linked to this article in the World Tribune on a new report on Saudi financing of al Qaeda. The report was written for the U.N. at the request of Colombia, the current President of the Security Council; the author is a Frenchman who was formerly an expert on al Qaeda for France’s intelligence service. His report indicates that over the past decade, Saudi Arabia has transferred $500 million to al Qaeda, and that the flow of money has not stopped since September 11. Most of the money flows through Islamic charities, and a fundamental problem, according to the U.N. report, is “the lack of a definition of terrorism.” Which means, I guess, that the Saudis actually believe that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. I do have one question: Why did Colombia commission the report? There is no obvious reason why Colombia would do this, unless it was asked to by another Security Council member to whom it is indebted–maybe for help in combatting its drug cartels. Just a thought.
Anyway, Little Green Footballs is a great blog. Check it out.


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