Lots of western academics and

Lots of western academics and malcontents denounce “capitalism” and “globalization.” Neither term, as far as I can see, means much of anything beyond “normal life,” but their opposites–socialism and isolation–have implications that are all too concrete. The United Nations has warned that in North Korea, one of the last surviving socialist paradises, entirely uncontaminated by globalization, seven million citizens may be without food as of next month. At least two million North Koreans have already starved to death. (It occurs to me that if the same number of Palestinians had starved, there wouldn’t be any left. It is curious how little attention liberals who editorialize every time a stray Israeli bullet, shot in self-defense, accidentally kills a Palestinian Arab have paid to these millions of casualties of socialism.)
Why haven’t even more North Koreans starved under Kim Jong-il’s socialist regime? “The US has been the largest contributor to emergency food deliveries over the past seven years, which have fed nine million people a year.” Only in America, folks, do we feed not only our friends but our enemies, for no reason other than simple goodness. No wonder the bad guys, in their various incarnations over the years, have always hated us.


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