Diana West stakes the success

Diana West stakes the success of the Bush presidency on the position it takes in the University of Michigan racial discrimination (“affirmative action”) cases: “Bush must take a stand on affirmative action.” Events conspire to force the administration to show its hand on January 16.
Although I agree entirely with both the principle and the politics of Diana West’s point, I stake the success of the Bush administration on fixing the broken record that plays after every fresh act of mass murder committed by Arab terrorists on Israeli civilians: “Twenty-three killed, at least 100 hurt as two suicide bombers hit Tel Aviv.” You know, the record that traps the stylus in the groove endlessly replaying: “‘There are those who want to derail the peace process, but [the president] will not be deterred,’ a spokesman said.”
Although we have hesitated to stake our own success on prognostications for 2003, I am not optimistic on either of these two counts.


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