The Times also has a

The Times also has a nice profile on Senator-elect Norm Coleman, who bills himself as a pragmatic, “get things done” conservative. Norm is a politician and administrator of great ability; he has successfully positioned himself as a “moderate,” which greatly improves his press coverage. In fact, I view him as a solid conservative, which is of course not inconsistent with his record of “getting things done” as Mayor of St. Paul. Coleman is strongly pro-life as a result of searing personal experience, the loss of two children in infancy due to genetic defects. A pivotal moment in his election campaign came in his one debate with Walter Mondale, when Mondale sneeringly referred to Coleman’s anti-abortion stance as “arbitrary.” Coleman’s response was crushing. Normally being pro-life guarantees negative press coverage, which I think is part of the reason why Coleman always calls himself a “pragmatic” or “moderate” conservative. I suspect it is also why in interviews, Coleman invariably mentions his opposition to oil development in Alaska. But don’t be fooled. Coleman is no squish, and will be an excellent addition to the conservative forces in the Senate.


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