Over the weekend, the Boston

Over the weekend, the Boston Globe reported on the special forces operations already being undertaken by U.S. and allied soldiers inside Iraq. For Power Line readers, this was old news, Debka File having written about these missions months ago. Now, Debka says that “The US is expected to launch the coming war against Iraq with parachute drops on Baghdad, together with commando landings in the city from the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers.” Debka claims that the U.S. will model its urban warfare in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities on techniques developed by Israel to control and subdue terrorists on the West Bank.
Well, maybe that’s Plan B. But I still think Plan A is to convince Saddam Hussein that his only choices are flight and death, at which time he will flee Iraq and a new regime will be installed without the necessity of a war. Like most tyrants, Saddam isn’t crazy, he’s evil. He will accept well-heeled exile in Libya in preference to death.


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