Byron York, in National Review

Byron York, in National Review Online reports that President Bush will soon renominate the judicial candidates he selected previously, but whose nominations were not acted upon the Democratic Senate. York also predicts that Bush will renominate Priscilla Owen, whose nomination was voted down by the Judiciary Committee, to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. And he believes that Bush will likely renominate Charles Pickering, whose nomination was also killed, to the same court. York’s prediction as to Pickering surprises me. Pickering was Trent Lott’s choice for the court. He has also been accused of going too easy in the sentencing of a cross-burner. York’s article demonstrates that this charge is probably unfair. Even so, unless Pickering is a truly outstanding jurist, renominating him strikes me as picking an unnecessary fight. To the extent that Pickering was originally nominated due to the influence of Senator Lott, rather than any superior credentials, the better course might be to nominate a different conservative for that Fifth Circuit slot.


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