This is truly sick: a

This is truly sick: a new series of television ads promoting the idea that driving SUVs supports terrorists. The ads, which apparently are the brainchild of former conservative Ariana Huffington, feature people saying things like “I helped hijack an airplane,” and “I gave money to a terrorist training camp in a foreign country.”
The logic? Well, SUVs burn gas, and some gas comes from the Middle East, and some of that Middle Eastern gas money winds up in the hands of terrorists. Of course, those of us who are still conservatives, unlike Ms. Huffington, would probably say we should keep driving our cars and kill the terrorists. Oh, and also, drill for oil in Alaska. Do you suppose liberals will run ads in the districts of Congressmen who have blocked Alaskan oil development, saying “I gave money to a terrorist training camp”? Just a thought.


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