Hans Blix reported today that

Hans Blix reported today that the U.N. inspectors have so far found no evidence that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Ari Fleischer responded that the U.S. government “knows for a fact” that Iraq possesses such weapons.
At some point very soon, one of two things has to happen: either the inspectors actually find something–highly unlikely–or the Administration comes forth with some evidence of what we ostensibly know. If the inspectors report complete failure on January 27, it will be very difficult for the Administration, having detoured through the United Nations and agreed to the inspections regime, to simply ignore the inspectors’ report and proceed with war. I have always assumed that the Administration has an ace in the hole and, when the time comes, will dramatically unveil evidence that justifies going to war. It is inconceivable that they don’t have a Plan B if (when) the inspectors come up empty. Isn’t it?