Before I sign off for

Before I sign off for the night, I have to add a quick comment regarding the Trunk’s post, below, on John Edwards’ clueless performance on ABC. I’m not thinking primarily of the fact that he couldn’t come up with the name of a favorite philosopher, although that is pathetic–it reminds me of the days when Deacon and I would invent baseball teams consisting entirely of philosophers: “Chico” Marx at shortstop, Spinoza at second, Arthur Schopenhauer the slow but strong-armed right fielder. Instead, I’m referring to Edwards’ choice of I.F. Stone’s book about the death of Socrates as his favorite book.
There was a time, not so many years ago, when a Presidential candidate who selected a book by a Communist stooge (and, if memory serves, spy) as his favorite would have been doomed to a speedy oblivion. Apparently that is no longer the case. But it will be interesting to see whether anyone outside the blogosphere even notes the fact that John Edwards can’t think of a better book than one by a Communist mole who thought Socrates was guilty. As, in a socialist workers’ paradise, he would have been.


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