This morning’s must-read column is

This morning’s must-read column is Charles Krauthammer’s “Powell and Bush at cross purposes?”
The Washington Times seems to have almost all the news stories of interest this morning, including several on which it’s miles ahead of its competitors. I won’t post them all, but one follow-up from yesterday is worth a look: “Race case under Bush’s ‘review.'” According to White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, the president has not yet determined whether the administration will file the brief prepared by the Justice Department opposing the University of Michigan’s racially discriminatory admissions policies.
I have only found the New York Post carrying this story of interest regarding our efforts to inspire Saddam Hussein’s travel outside Iraq: “B-1s swarm to Gulf.” Also of professional interest to us is Andrea Peyser’s column about the kind of judge who makes us think about pursuing our other interests on a full-time basis: “Judge’s justice is blind fury.”
This morning’s best editorial is the Wall Street Journal’s “Playing the Lott card,” courtesy of RealClearPolitics. Also worth a look is the Journal Taste page editorial “The man with the golden gun.”


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