One of my pet peeves

One of my pet peeves recently has been op-ed pieces on North Korea by members of the Cllinton Adminstration who helped formulate the failed policy of appeasement that got us into the current mess. I might have thought that the only thing more unwelcome than these pieces would be one by Dennis Ross, who helped formulate the failed policy of appeasement towards the PLO. But unlike other members of the Clinton foreign policy team, Ross (who started out on the first George Bush’s team) shows signs of “growing out of office.” In this Washington Post op-ed, Ross contends that we need to keep the military option on the table when it comes to North Korea. Ross believes that only Russia and China can apply the kind of pressure that might cause North Korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions. And he believes that Russia and China will exert this pressure only if they fear that the U.S. might fight and win a war on the Korean peninsula. Perhaps Ross is able to attempt constructive commentary, rather than revisionist history, when it comes to North Korea because this wasn’t his area. But Ross also praises President Bush’s policy towards Iraq, and in other writings he is making far more sense regarding Israel than he ever did at the State Department.


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