Frank Gaffney shares my disgust

Frank Gaffney shares my disgust at the outbreak of revisionist history with respect to North Korea by former Clinton Administration officials and Democratic legislators. Writing for National Review Online, Gaffney demolishes these attempts at revisionist history. Regarding Lieberman’s pathetic comments, Gaffney notes (as I did the other day) that the purpose of Clinton’s “Agreed Framework” was to prevent North Korea from developing any nuclear weapons, not merely to prevent them from developing such weapons through weapons-grade plutonium. And Gaffney points out that, according to U.S. intelligence, North Korea began its covert uranium weapons program between 1998 and 2000. Thus, they were not driven into this program by President Bush’s Axis of Evil speech. Gaffney contends that, since the Clinton apologists are proposing that the current situation be resolved through another negotiated promise by North Korea, it is essential that they “be scrupulously honest about the historical record concerning those earlier, ominously fraudulent undertakings.” Unfortunately, they cannot be honest about them and still effectively advocate going down that road again.


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