The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on a forum for Middle Eastern aliens relating to the requirement that they register with the INS; Friday was the registration deadline. The main idea of the program is to try to enforce the requirement that visitors leave the country when their visas expire. It has sparked widespread protests from Middle Easterners who think they are unfairly singled out. The Strib’s story focuses on a Pakistani who, as a result of registering, was required to leave the country since his visa expired when he lost his job; he then re-entered the country immediately on a new visa, based on his wife’s residence here. This process of complying with the law was unexpected and understandably painful. In a typical burst of hyperbole, the Pakistani concludes that “These days, getting arrested on a visa violation is ‘like a death sentence’ for foreign visitors.” Yes, exactly like a death sentence, except they don’t actually, you know, kill you. They just make you comply with the immigration laws.


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