Lately the news has been

Lately the news has been full of anti-war demonstrations. Shown below are scenes from an international “peace” demonstration in Baghdad; a “peace” demonstration in Germany (for those who don’t speak German, those t-shirts say “No Blood for Oil”); and an anti-war demonstration that took place today in Los Angeles. To spare the faint of heart, I didn’t reproduce the picture of Martin Sheen flashing a peace sign.

Scenes like these make it easy to feel that we are alone in a sea of insanity. Or, perhaps, cowardice. That is not quite true, however. The British aircraft carrier Ark Royal sailed for the Middle East a couple of days ago with the largest British naval force launched since the Falklands war. The photo below is of a little girl whose father sailed with the fleet.

If we’re choosing up sides, I’ll take the girl.


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