George Will has a column

George Will has a column this morning about Florida Senator Bob Graham and his prospective presidential candidacy. The column is of interest because, given Graham’s perch on the Intelligence Committee, his criticism of our war effort as insufficiently aggressive is depressingly well-informed: “Dems’ Florida Hope.”
Last Sunday the New York Times carried a good column by David Frum; today it carries a good column by David Brooks. Brooks’s column explains the weakness of the Democratic Party’s ritual critique of tax cut proposals like President Bush’s: “The triumph of hope over self-interest.” Our friends at RealClearPolitics have found two columns that make excellent companion pieces: Larry Paquette’s indignant personal plea, “Everybody, why not leave rich folks alone?,” and Lou Dobbs’s “Going for the knockout.”
Contrast the reasoning presented in these columns with that offered on the Senate floor by Minnesota’s Senator Mark Dayton: “‘No shrinking violet,’ Dayton tries to fill Wellstone shoes.”


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