Two brief observations, both relating

Two brief observations, both relating to nudity:
Admittedly, we thought it was funny when two misguided web-surfers made their way to Power Line via the Google search “Mary Landrieu nude.” But as to the degenerate who found us by Googling “Michelle Malkin nude” earlier today, all we can say is: Shame on you!
Trunk, that wasn’t you, was it?
And also, some madness seems to be seizing middle-aged anti-war matrons all over the world. It causes them to be possessed by a sudden and inexplicable urge to disrobe in the cause of world peace. They even have a website, as of the last 24 hours or so: it is called “Bare Witness”. The latest outbreak of the malady occurred a few days ago in Ashdown Forest, England. Fortunately, I think we here in Minnesota will be safe from this contagion, at least until spring; the high temperature today was about four degrees. And with any luck, by spring the war will be over.


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