I’m not surprised, Rocket Man,

I’m not surprised, Rocket Man, that the left is reviving the “teach-in.” It was an extremely effective method of spreading all sorts of false information during the War in Vietnam. It was through one-sided teach-ins of the kind held recently in Oakland, that college kids of our generation were “taught,” among other myths, that Ho Chi Minh was a benign reformer; that the United States had ignored legitimate attempts by Uncle Ho to discuss peace on terms that didn’t invovle the North simply swallowing the South; and that the South Vietnamese would certainly choose to be governed by Ho if a free election were held. We never taught that Ho was a ruthless Communist butcher who had remorsely killed many thousands of North Vietnamese and who was never willing to put his alleged popularity to a test in a fair election in the North or the South. Of course, what is new about the teach depicted in Rocket Man’s post is that it was sponsored by the City of Oakland and inflicted on public school students. The only bright side is that the war with Iraq will likely turn out to be a huge and popular success that indisputably improves the lives of the people of Iraq. Thus, the more perceptive students in Oakland will come to further distrust the incompetent bureaucrats to whom their education has been entrusted.


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