Linda Chavez, who but for

Linda Chavez, who but for some unfortunate immigration matters would be Secretary of Labor, reinforces Roger Clegg’s views on why the Administration should oppose the principle of race-based college admissions preferences, and not just the particularly egregious practices of the University of Michigan. Chavez notes that, as a candidate of governor of Texas in 1998, Bush affirmed his disagreement with the statement, “For the sake of obtaining a diversity of viewpoints and experiences, public educational institutions should be allowed to consider the race and ethnicity of applicants.” Indeed, although not specifically discussing the U.S. Constitution, Bush made the following statement that provides a pretty good summary of the constitutional mandate in this area: “Public colleges and universities have an affirmative duty to offer equal opportunity to all applicants. Equal opportunity doesn’t guarantee equal results — but it guarantees that every person will get a fair shot based upon their potential, heart and merit.” And, of course, without regard to race or ethnicity.


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