Time reports that Saudi Arabia

Time reports that Saudi Arabia is leading a push among Arab states to induce Iraqi military leaders to depose Saddam Hussein:
“Convinced that President Bush is serious about invading Iraq, Arab leaders hope to avoid war by orchestrating a coup in Baghdad.” What has caused these countries, all of whom have officially opposed regime change in Iraq, to turn on Saddam? “[W]hat finally pushed the notoriously cautious Saudis into action is the recognition that with tens of thousands of additional American troops headed for the Gulf, the Bush Administration really is ready to go to war.”
According to the Time report, the Saudis and other Arab leaders are open to abdication by Saddam, but doubt that this will happen. More likely, they think it will be necessary for the Iraqi military to do him in. Needless to say, the motives of the Saudis and their Arab colleagues are not noble. Their goal is to maximize stability and to minimize change, including moves toward democracy, not only in Iraq but throughout the Arab world. Nevertheless, the Administration’s first choice has always been to depose Saddam without having to fight. I think, more than ever, that that is what will happen.


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