The irresolute and dishonest Blix

The irresolute and dishonest Blix is only doing the bidding of his sponsors, Kofi Annan and certain leaders of the former Western Europe. Here, Jim Hoagland of the Washington Post reports on an interview with Jacques Chirac. I’ve long regarded Chirac as the second most reprehensible of these leaders, trailing the German guy. But after reading this piece, I’m not sure that Chirac hasn’t surpassed Schroeder. It’s all there — disingenuous appeals to “let the inspectors do their job,” incomprehensible claims (attributed to Arabs, but clearly embraced by Chirac) that our approach to Iraq is inconsistent with our approach to Israel, and a total lack of urgency that may suit a backwater nation, such as Chirac’s is becoming, but is unacceptable in a great power. And all in the service of cowardice and avarice.


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