On a happier note, Stephen

On a happier note, Stephen den Beste analyzes in detail the naval forces that have been dispatched toward the Persian Gulf region. It’s a good lesson for those of us who are not well-versed in naval matters. His conclusion:
“All these ships can reach the Gulf in less than two weeks. This is no joke; this is real. This is no bluff. This isn’t just posturing. You don’t deploy these kinds of forces in this kind of numbers unless you’re really serious. And you do not send a force like this to a theater to sit on its ass for six months and only then go into combat. In the ideal case, they get sent at the last possible instant both because that maximizes readiness and because it minimizes the window of risk to the men and ships from enemy air, missile or submarine assault.
“They’re really going to start fighting, and soon.”
Only I don’t think they’ll have to. I think the threat will suffice, this time.


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