From the issue of the

From the issue of the Weekly Standard out this morning I have discovered that the execrable Tom Paulin is the author of a new poem, originally published in the London Review of Books. Paulin’s poem bears some interesting similarities to the poet laureate’s now infamous quatrain, especially in the quality of thought represented. In fact, the differences seem relatively cosmetic (although both seem to relish words ending in “clad”; for the poet laureate “ironclad” is a key term, while for Paulin “mailclad” is).
Both poems are–how else to say it?–unpoetic, and patently nutty. I regret that Paulin’s, being in free verse and running 133 lines, will be harder to parody, but I hope the blogosphere will once again rise to the challenge. Paulin’s poem is “On Being Dealt the Anti-Semitic Card.” The Weekly Standard’s J. Bottum does a nice job commenting on the poem in “Apauling.”


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