Based on this Washington Times

Based on this Washington Times report, it appears that the Administration will make a big issue out of the chemical warheads that were discovered in Iraq a few days ago. Ari Fleischer called the warheads “proof that [Saddam] has not disarmed.”
More important, Colin Powell told a German newspaper that “we believe a persuasive case will be there at the end of the month that Iraq is not cooperating.” Asked whether this means the Administration will reveal new intelligence proving Iraq’s violations at the end of the month, Fleischer replied: “If it reaches the point where the president has come to the conclusion that he has seen enough to the point where the only way to protect us is by disarming Saddam Hussein, he will inform the country about that.”
It is all coming together: the U.N. inspectors will report on January 27. Immediately thereafter, the Administration will release intelligence which, added to what the inspectors report, will show that Iraq has not disarmed, and will probably also detail links between Saddam and al Qaeda. The end of January is also when the vast armada now dispatched toward the Persian Gulf will arrive. The President’s announcement will be the signal for the beginning of our attack on Iraq–or, more likely, the hasty departure of Saddam, his family and his top aides to Libya, engineered by the Arab states. This will all happen at the end of the month.


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