Here is another photo of

Here is another photo of A.N.S.W.E.R.’s San Francisco office. The woman shown is identified by the Associated Press as “activist Nancy Mitchell.” Note the signs. Also, this is a nice office in the most expensive real estate in the U.S. It would be interesting to see where the money comes from. One possibility: A.N.S.W.E.R. lists filmmaker Michael Moore (“Bowling for Columbine”) as one of its supporters.

Now, who exactly is “activist” Nancy Mitchell? She is a prominent member of the Workers World Party (as well as the International Action Center, another WWP front which was founded by Ramsey Clark). Let’s let her explain her politics in her own words, from the Workers World Party’s website:
“Those of us who came to the movement during this period of reaction and through the expansion and success of the I[nternational]A[ction][Committee] over the last decade have had a lot of experience fighting racism and imperialism. But we may feel a little less prepared to do mass agitational work on the need for socialism and building a communist party in the United States.
“But I know I speak for the newer comrades when I say: I’m excited to start. I’m excited to strengthen my ability to talk about socialism, to get the paper out to the workers in my union, to build the branch meetings, to pass out palm cards with the Web site on them. And I’m really excited about having regular Marxism classes and doing introductory classes for students and workers, to show them that Marxism is not some field for academic study–it’s a living struggle!”
In fifteen minutes of internet research, you can figure out that the anti-war demonstrations taking place today were organized and led by unreconstructed Communists. This would seem to be significant news. Watch for it tomorrow morning in the New York Times.


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