Yes, it’s all coming together.

Yes, it’s all coming together. And, as you say, Trunk, in the nick of time. According to the latest CNN/Time poll, the President’s approval rating is barely over 50%. He has been playing a very high-stakes game, and he’d better have the right cards in the hole. But I’m pretty sure he does.
By the way, the other recent Iraq arms discovery, along with the nuclear weapons research referred to by Trunk, is the “empty” chemical warheads that were discovered a few days ago. I didn’t understand the significance of the warheads being “empty” until this afternoon when I was listening to Oliver North in my car. He explained that because chemical weapons are extraordinarily corrosive, the warheads are commonly filled just moments before they are fired. In other words, “empty” is exactly how you would expect to find stockpiled chemical warheads. Maybe this has been all over the mainstream press, but I haven’t seen it.


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