One thing I have had

One thing I have had difficulty getting an accurate report on is the size of yesterday’s demonstrations. The largest was in Washington, but the phrase used by virtually every newspaper is that “tens of thousands” participated. Now, as Washington demonstrations go, “tens of thousands” is not necessarily a very impressive number. I have seen no official crowd estimate, but an InstaPundit reader who was there guesstimated the crowd at 50,000. The Washington Times, however, reported that A.N.S.W.E.R. had a permit for 30,000 people. Given that A.N.S.W.E.R. claimed to have 100,000 people at its Washington demonstration last October, this one was very likely smaller. But if the turnout was a disappointment, that wasn’t reflected in any of the news coverage I saw.
And consider this. The photo below is of a demonstration that took place yesterday in Miami, opposing leftist Venezuelan ruler Hugo Chavez:

The Associated Press reports that “authorities estimated the group at over 50,000 people.” So the anti-Chavez, pro-freedom rally by Cuban-Americans and others in Miami was likely larger than any of yesterday’s antiwar rallies. How much coverage did it get in your local newspaper?


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