William Safire’s column this morning

William Safire’s column this morning clarifies the meaning of the Franco/German diplomatic maneuvering that is complicating the removal of Saddam Hussein, and provides some humor along with the analysis: “Bad Herr Dye.” Read the column for its analysis of the maneuvering, but query how we missed this revealing story about Germany’s execrable Gerhard Schroder (forgive the missing umlaut):
“The image-obsessed politician is extraordinarily sensitive to personal criticism. Last year, when a German press agency had the temerity to report an allegation that he dyed the hair at his temples, the supposedly Iron-gray Chancellor sent lawyers to court brandishing an affidavit from his hairdresser. A compliant judge ruled that any repeat of the horrendous charge would cost the news service $225,000. A British newspaper, defying the ban, headlined its irreverent account ‘Bad Herr Dye.'”
Read Safire’s column together with this AP story: “Powell doubts French commitment on Iraq.”


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