This evening Rocket Man and

This evening Rocket Man and I attended a fundraiser in St. Paul at which Hugh Hewitt, our favorite talk show host, was the guest of honor. Hugh is an extraordinarily talented guy, but the most striking thing about him is his magnanimity. He is the only person I have ever met in his position who expends effort to lift up others around him. We are grateful for the many readers he has directed to our site and look forward to getting together with him again when he returns to Minnesocold (as he calls it). At the fundraiser we also met our favorite blogger, James Lileks. Hugh was almost as excited to meet him as we were.
Our faithful reader (courtesy of Hugh Hewitt) James Melcher introduced himself to us, and we also caught up with our friend and faithful reader Rich Pogin. Mrs. Rocket Man proposed that we use some of our Claremont slush fund to host an event or two of our own, and if we can get Deacon’s authorization, we will start brainstorming ideas to draw down the fund.


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