There you have it, folks.

There you have it, folks. On this issue, Deacon’s comments are definitive.
On a happier note, the Washington Post reports that Colin Powell is now a hawk on Iraq. The truth, I think, is that while Powell is in several ways a very impressive man, he is above all a consummate bureaucrat. He can see which way the wind is blowing, and doesn’t want to be left out at the decisive moment.
The oddest aspect of the Post’s analysis is the statement that the U.S. is “under assault from such important allies as France.” In what sense is France an important ally of the U.S.? When was France last an important ally of anyone? The mainstream media are unaccountably fixated on France and Germany, historic enemies, now partners in a truly cynical and contemptible game. Forget about them; for England, Spain, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and other European countries there is hope. France and Germany have crossed over to the other side.


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