Steven den Beste has an

Steven den Beste has an optimistic view of the current slow-walk on Iraq:
“Blix and El Baradei will make their report next week and it will say, more or less, that Iraqi cooperation could be better but it’s been good and there’s no cause for war and instead they just need more time for the inspections to work.
“All of which will confirm what was evident from the very beginning: the inspectors have always seen their prime purpose as preventing an American attack. But just as attacking too soon is a mistake, so is delaying when you’re ready. We are, now, and from this point forward any delay actually makes our situation worse. Bush isn’t going to fall for it.
“So our ambassador to the UN will announce that the US thinks Iraq is in violation of Res 1441; the Europeans will say that it’s too soon to tell that and more time is needed; nothing will happen in the UN, and Bush and Blair will announce hostilities on the 30th or 31st in a joint speech in Washington.”
Den Beste’s view is based in part on the assumption that President Bush doesn’t have to pay attention to falling support in the U.S., constant yammering in the press, the lack of U.N. support or anything else, since a successful campaign, together with the horrors that will be revealed when Saddam falls, will justify his policy and moot the arguments of his critics. He also thinks the liberation of Iraq will be a turning point in history, in part because it will mark the end of the U.N. as an institution that anyone respects.
Here’s hoping his predictions prove true. Especially the one about what happens at the end of the month.


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