Rocket Man, I think you

Rocket Man, I think you came up with a lame excuse to post pictures of women in bikinis. (Incidentally, Rocket Man, can you explain to me what the bikini women on the left and on the right are looking at?) As for boosting readership, we have already obtained a fair amount of evidence from Google that “Michelle Malkin nude” would do the trick.
Update by Hindrocket: As Doonesbury said many years ago, “Guilty, guilty, guilty.” And, now that you mention it, no, I can’t. Speaking of cheap ways of boosting our hit totals, I’ve often wondered–given what we now know about the magnetic appeal of the beautiful Michelle Malkin and the somewhat fetching Mary Landrieu–what would happen if we did a post that included the words “Anna Kournikova nude never before published.” I don’t know, maybe we’ll try it some time.


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