This is a remarkable news

This is a remarkable news story, which I just picked up from Yahoo’s News Photos but have not seen reported anywhere else. The photo below is of an “unidentified Iraqi man holding some files” who jumped into a U.N. van as it was leaving for inspections in Baghdad earlier today. The picture shows him inside the van, with his files held close to his chest, being tugged on by an Iraqi guard.

The brief news report accompanying the photo says that the man was “taken from the car and led away by Iraqi officials.” No word on what became of his files. No indication that the U.N. “inspectors” tried to prevent the man from being hauled away and shot (if he’s lucky). No indication of any concern by the “inspectors” over their inability to talk to the man, obtain his files, and find out what he knew. No suggestion of any protest by the U.N. or its inspectors. No indication that the U.N. viewed the man’s jumping into their van and trying to tell them something–we’ll never know what–as anything but an annoying interruption of their effort to cover up for Saddam and keep him in power. I would have said that my opinion of the U.N. couldn’t get much lower, but if we don’t see some serious follow-up on this, I’ll be proved wrong. Unbelievable.
Update: CNN has a little more, but not much. They add this picture of U.N. security guards and Iraqi policemen dragging the man away to be killed:

CNN adds that the man appeared “agitated and frightened,” and yelled “save me, save me” as he jumped into the U.N. vehicle. CNN also describes the U.N. “inspector” who, “watched from the passenger seat, unfazed” as the Iraqi guards dragged the man out of the vehicle. So now we’ll never know whether the man was a nut or someone with valuable information to offer. The U.N. had no interest whatever in finding out what he had to say. And now any other Iraqis who might be thinking of approaching U.N. “inspectors” with information that might interfere with the U.N.’s pro-Saddam agenda will know better.


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