This piece in the Washington

This piece in the Washington Times by Tony Blankley is interesting on several counts. Blankley notes a report from London’s Daily Telegraph that the U.N. inspectors have uncovered documents that demonstrate ongoing work by Iraqi scientists to develop nuclear weapons. However, Hans Blix failed to mention these documents during discussions with Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac. Under the Security Council resolution, such information is to be reported immediately to the Council, which is then to convene immediately. Blankley notes that, in the unlikely event that Blix reported the information as required, the Security Council has not convened in response. Thus, either Blix or the Security Council is in violation of the resolution.
But the best thing about the article is the commentary by Blankley (an Englishman by birth, I believe) on the former Western Europe. Says Blankley, “We call them our European cousins — but I demand a DNA test.” As for the French, “their principles have been carefully crafted over the centuries to leave France free to be odious, cowardly, ungrateful, preening, greedy and untrustworthy — as anyone who reads the newspaper can see on an almost daily basis.” Based on this description, Blankley concludes that, at the end of the day, “France’s greed for oil contracts will lead her to vote with us in the Security Council.”


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