The World Economic Forum is

The World Economic Forum is going on in Davos, Switzerland, and it has drawn the usual cranks protesting under the banner of “anti-globalization,” or, to put it more accurately, “keep the Third World poor in hopes they’ll turn Communist.” For some reason, masks are very big with these protesters. Here is a bus full of them wearing identical masks; this same mask shows up often, but I have no idea what it depicts.

President Bush was the principal focus of the protesters’ wrath, which I guess proves he must be doing somthing right. Here is a protester in a Bush mask, making an eloquent and articulate argument with the message on his flag:

Comparing President Bush and other anti-totalitarian, anti-genocide leaders to Hitler is very common. Here is a photo of Bush with a Hitler mustache; very clever:

And here the Hitler analogy is explicit; Bush, Blair and Sharon are the Hitlers of today:

The pro-torture demonstrators keep calling other people “Hitler,” but they’re the ones who pin yellow stars on their enemies. Here is an anti-Semitic slur, protesters wearing Ariel Sharon and Donald Rumsfeld masks, followed by a golden calf. About that yellow star: is Rumsfeld Jewish? Do the demonstrators think he’s Jewish? I guess so. It would be possible to do something more contemptible than this, but it wouldn’t be easy.

Of course, no self-respecting demonstration would be complete without burning some American flags:

This one is even worse. On InstaPundit and other sites earlier this morning, there was speculation about the three bloody stars, and whether they represent the three states in which al Qaeda murdered Americans on September 11. I haven’t heard any alternate theory:

Another pro-Communist festival is going on in Brazil, timed to coincide with the Davos conference. It’s good to see that Latin American leftists aren’t mired in the past, re-living the fantasies of forty years ago:

The Latin American leftists are unmasking the war on terror. Whatever that means:

And, once again, the ritual burning of the American flag:

Note the flag they’re flying instead of burning: the hammer and sickle. These people–“anti-globalists,” “peace” marchers, whatever euphemism they may be going by at the moment–are the same vicious totalitarians who worked throughout the Cold War to subvert freedom and promote tyranny.


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